Wednesday, April 20, 2016

25 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life

    One small step for girls, one giant leap for womankind!!

    1.  Ingest more herbal tea. It will keep your life.
2. Making your own coffee/tea as an alternative for buying it will make you your rich woman.
3. Check out thrift shops. You may have to wash things triple before you get the old lover smell out but it’s well worth the money.
4. Wrinkle spray and a hair dryer erase all will need to ever use an iron for everybody lazy ironers like me.
5. Wear slippers for those who have to drive in heels.
6. Wear slippers in any respect moments that it’s even slightly tolerable to wear slippers.
7. Spend somewhat extra money on your makeup it’s so worth the cost.
8. NEVER go to bed in your makeup on.
9. Buy your wine by a box its way more cost efficient and being wine classy may be so overrated.
10. Pick your girls over the man you're dating often because almost always the guys come and go and then the girls are still there.
11. Get a really nice strapless or sticky bra and you will probably realize how much better everything is visually without your old straps popping out there.
12. Never neglect to paint your toe nail.
13. Eat breakfast.
14. Realize that one could pull off red lipstick. Rock it again girl.
15. Never try dieting tablets or fads. It’s all a couple of garbage just be healthy.
16. Be sure to have at least one friend that likes your preferred TV shows.
17. And you’re most loved snacks.
18. Ask for a white coat beneath the color when you get your nails done along with the color you wanted looks a lot more vibrant. Also go for the glitz fastens.
19. Order the dressing or sauce quietly ladies. It tastes better and is healthier.
20. Always try clothing on when you buy it. Do not even try in order to reason with yourself Well I don’t should try this on. Yes one does.
21. Drink as much water like humanly possible.
22. Look natural in photos and smile using your teeth. Don’t do that weird grimace smirk your teeth are perfect just how they are.
23. Don’t blow off gonna the doctor or dentist. It’s incredibly important to manage your body.
24. Get your elegance sleep.
25. Use hand lotion. 

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